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Do you have real estate for sale? Would you like to save thousands of dollars on the sale of your timeshare or property? Typically, real estate agent commissions average 7%—10% of the total sale price of your property. The "for sale by owner" method eliminates the agent commission and offers a way for property owners to save a significant amount of money on their real estate transaction.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 70% of real estate buyers are turning to the internet to start their search for a property so it is essential to include an online listing of your property in any plans you may have to sell your home.

A real estate listing with ParadiseProperties gives you, the real estate seller, the ability to sell your own land, commercial real estate or other property to qualified real estate buyers for a fraction of the cost of traditional realtor listings.

ParadiseProperties saves you money by eliminating the fees and commissions you would normally pay when selling your property through a real estate agent. If you would like to sell your real estate or timeshare fast and save money in the process consider a real estate listing with ParadiseProperties and see why thousands of Sellers have already chosen the "For Sale By Owner" method to sell their own properties.

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